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2009 Review of Top Paid Online Survey Sites

Here are the ONLY 4 websites promoting online survey databases that we have found to actually deliver.

There are hundreds of sites out there promoting their paid online survey databases.  The unfortunate truth is that most of them use outdated databases with lots of broken links and provide little or no customer support.  We have spent many hours looking at the different paid (and free) online survey companies out there and after a long and often frustrating search, here are our results.  These are the 4 companies that we feel deliver a good product that is value for money.  In general using their databases you will be able to earn a steady income from an online survey job.

#1 The Survey Circle #2 Paid Surveys Online #3 Survey Scout #4 Top Online Surveys
Quality: Excellent
Support: Very Good
Excellent ($17!)
Recommendation: Best all-round.
Price: $25.00

Quality: Excellent
Support: Very Good
Recommendation: Large database

Price: $34.95

Quality: Good
Support: The best
Recommendation: Great for Beginners

Price: $34.95

Quality: Very Good
Support: Good
Recommendation: Best Affiliates

Price: $35.00

Our Review: Our Review: Our Review: Our Review:

A simple, easy to understand site.  MONEY BACK offer at the moment! (see below).  Excellent quality and effective database with very up-to-date links.  Good customer support backed by a 90 day guarantee.  Excellent FAQ page.

One of the oldest, largest and most trusted online survey site databases on the web.  Ok website that is easy to use.  Excellent quality, up-to-date database that is very effective.  Good customer support (but can be a bit slow) with an excellent 60 day guarantee.

Another long established company.  Survey Scout has the best customer support of any of the online survey sites on the web.  They have a good quality  database that does tend to have a number of broken links.  A very nice web page.  Backed by a 30 day guarantee.

A newer company that is doing a very good job.  A slightly hard to follow website, but a very good up-to-date database that delivers results.  Their support is often slow but always helpful.  
The one fault is that they don't have an explicit guarantee.

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Why we chose The Survey Circle as the #1 product :

These four online survey companies all have their good points.  There are 4 main reasons we chose The Survey Circle as the number 1 survey for cash website, though Paid Surveys Online was a close second:

1)  It is the cheapest out there. Simply put it is $10-$15 less than its competitors.

2)  A good database with only a few broken links that get repaired reasonably quickly.  A very nice feature is that when you register you select a database that is relevant to the region you are in.  This means you don't have to go to every website before you find out that they don't service your area.

3)  They have an excellent Step-by-Step guide to get you started.

4)  An excellent affiliate program that isn't through a 3rd party (makes it more reliable). You get $17 for every referral. They are also currently offering this week for you to get your money back with the first referral who registers. This isn't advertised on their website, but if you ask them using the contact form they will confirm that.

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